Hoàng Gia Detective and investigation seeking evidence very quickly . We have partnered with them continuously for more than 2 years . I am extremely pleased with the professional working style and their effectiveness . We will continue to work with Royal Detective

Mr. Phan Muon ( Duc Manh Attorney's Office )
Our products manufactured in Vietnam for domestic consumption only . We found in many Asian countries are emerging of our products . They asked me to Hoàng Gia Detective . Following 3 months work , they have provided us with very convincing report and we have successfully resolved . Hoàng Gia Detective very reliable

Ms. Pham … Nhung ( Director of Human Resources – PVM Viet Nam )
In recent years , we lost goods unreasonably and more and more . They asked me to Hoàng Gia Detective . They have provided us with the evidence and the list of internal stolen goods . they have solved and efficiently . thank you

Mr. Nguyen … Hung ( Director of Human Resources – Sinh Hung Company )
My daughter left home for two months . 2 companies I have hired detectives but found not to be different . Because I had to Hoàng Gia Detective . I signed a contract at noon , the afternoon they helped me met my daughter . Upon finding the whereabouts of my daughter , I saw a lot of drugs. now my daughter is detoxification . Hoàng Gia Detective saved my child's life . I was grateful to them

Ms. Hong (Go Vap)
I know a Vietnam girl on a website and I want you to have a full examination of her background and family before I fly over to meet her . Hoàng Gia Detective gave me the results are comprehensive and accurate . Certainly I would recommend the service of the Hoàng Gia detective for my friends

David from America
I had some doubts about my husband , but do not know what to do , I contacted Hoàng Gia Detective . Detectives from Vietnam helped me find out that my husband actually met his girlfriend in a hotel . Thanks for help , you have saved my life

Ms. Pham … NNancy from USA
I contacted Royal Detective to check on a girl that I used on a dating site . Then we talked on the phone . She told me that she is single, 25 years old and living in Saigon . , but she turned out to be scammers . did she 40 years old, married , with two children and lives in Dong Nai

Michael from Australia
Thank you, Detective Hoàng Gia . Extreme you have reliable , affordable and very discreet in monitoring what my wife has actually made in Vietnam while I'm traveling

Nguyen from Saigon
Hoàng Gia Detective helped me find a girlfriend that I had lost contact for 15 years , it is not easy and takes some time , but they still try and finally found her

Ron from U.S
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